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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences has other names like diamond mesh fences, cyclone fences. A chain link fence is a fence “woven” from galvanized or PVC coated steel wire into a mesh or net-type configuration that forms a series of interlocking squares. This woven mesh is referred as the “fabric” of the fence. It is secured to steel posts embedded in the ground.
The wire of a chain link fence can come in various gauges or thicknesses. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire and the more expensive the fence will be. Typical sizes are 11 gauge (thin), 10 gauge (thicker) and 9 gauge (thicker still).
Another specification of a chain link fence is the diameter of the mesh. This is the diagonal inside measurement of one of the “squares” taken in both directions. The most common mesh size is 2-inch (5 cm), normally used for 9 to 11-gauge wire, but slightly larger meshes are used for thicker wire.
Chain Link Fences are widely used in road, railway and highway fencing projects. 
As a versatile Fence, Chain link Fences are the fastest and most cost effective fence products on the market today.Cheap chain link fences , is made from galvanized or pvc coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace and fittings to build a chain link fence system in the park, tennis court, airport and other places.It is mainly divided into stainless steel,galvanized,PVC-coated three products.
Notes:Because of its woven type, the panel of the chain link fences are not so rigid as other fences, so its impact resistance is not so good. But we using the tension wire through the whole panel to improve its impact resistance.

ZHIBEI Chain link fence Specification

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel chain link fence is more durable compared with galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link, made of 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316 stainless steel wire. it has alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance,


With steel wire(Q235),chain link fences can also come with a vinyl coating that resembles a rubberized sheath. This coating is thermally fused and bonded, providing a permanent, smooth finish that comes in colors and protects fence from rust.


With steel wire(Q235),There are two kinds of galvanized chain-link, GBW or GAW: Galvanized before weaving (GBW) or galvanized after weaving (GAW). The way galvanized after weaving is more popular for better anti-corrosion performance today.

Chain Link Fence Accessories

ZHIBEI supplies you our well-proved chain link fence accessories and auxiliary tool to accompany with our chain link fence and make purchase and installation easier.

Chainl Link Fence Gates

In ZHIBEI,Chain Link Fence Gates are provided.

Chain link fabric Package

The chain link fences are packed in rolls when it is transported to you. To pack the chain link fence in rolls, it saved a lot of spaces in the containers and when you unloading the chain link fences in the destination port, it is also very convenient to unload.
Packing: wood pallet +plastic film

Chain Link Fence Application

When secured to steel posts embedded in the ground, Chain link fence is often used to enclose schoolyards, parking lots, industrial property, tennis courts, baseball fields, and even residential yards. It can also be used to create dog runs, kennels, and animal pens, and is regularly used as a temporary fence to safeguard construction sites.

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