Hebei will continue to reduce its steel production capacity by 40 million tons


This is an idle steel mill in tangshan city, photographed on July 12.

According to the hebei provincial government, hebei province will continue to press ahead with the work of reducing production capacity over the next three years, implementing the project of “432,511”, i.e., reducing steel production capacity by 40 million tons, coal by 30 million tons, plate glass by 23 million weight boxes, cement by 5 million tons, coke by 10 million tons and thermal power by 1.5 million kilowatts.
Of these, 12 million tons of steel, 12.17 million tons of coal, 8 million weight boxes of flat glass, 3 million tons of cement, 5 million tons of coke and 500 million kilowatts of thermal power will be reduced respectively this year. This year’s task will be completed by the end of November.

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