PET Monofilament features

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament is a great material overall. It has a unique blend of qualities that make it extremely useful for industrial and agricultural wire in particular.

Excellent Resistance to Corrosion

Corrosion resistance is a very important factor for both land and underwater applications. PET is in nature resistant to most chemicals, and there is no need for any anti-corrosive treatment. PET monofilament has obvious advantage over steel wire in this regard. To prevent from corrosion, the traditional steel wire either has galvanized coating or PVC coating, however, both are only temporarily corrosion resistant. A wide variety of plastic coating or galvanized coating for wires have been utilized but none of these have proven completely satisfactory.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

PET is very strong for its light weight. 3.0mm monofilament has strength of 3700N/377KGS while it only weights 1/5.5 of the 3.0mm steel wire. It remains high tensile strength for decades below and above water.

Increased Durability

PET is designed to withstand UV rays. According to actual-use record in southern Europe, the monofilament remains its shape and color and 97% of its strength after 2.5 years outdoor using in harsh climates; an actual-use record in Japan shows that fish farming net made of PET monofilament retains in good condition underwater over 30 years.

About the net

HexPET net is a type of woven net with double twisted hexagonal meshes, made of UV resistant, strong but lightweight 100% polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) monofilaments. It’s a new material for fence fabric Combining traditional weaving technique and inventively new usage of the PET material.We have developed the new mesh PET hexagonal net in china and applied for patent for its manufacture machine. With numbers of advantages,Our HexPET net has establishing its important position in more and more applications: firstly aquaculture, then fence and netting system in residential, sporting, agriculture and slope protection systems.Recently in Austrilia, Our HexPET net is applied in a govenment seaside fence project and well proved for economic and superior corrosion-resistance.

-High durability and strength
-Light weight for easy installation
-Withstands UV radiation, most chemical corrosive conditions
-Low maintenance durable and smooth appearance will not corrode, rust, or fade.
-Meshes not ravel even there is a single wire cut
-Environment friendly



We offer HexAqua, the promising semi-solid fish farming net, as your high quality barrier to keep the farmed fish inside and predators outside. The smooth non-fiber PET reduces significantly setting of marine fouling and thus makes the net very easy to clean in water and eliminates de-installation for maintenance. High tensile strength can remain after use for over 30 years in and above water. The net panel is thermo-formed and double twisted to prevent unraveling and the hexagonal construction makes the mesh much stiffer than traditional farming net. In fact,we also provide the customized aquaculture cage if needed. 

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farm enclosure

HexFarm is a desirable alternative to other livestock fence panels. You can make an inexpensive and affordable enclosure for your precious investment. The double-twisted weaving design can withstand impact from animals and prevent buckling or sagging. HexFarm can resist breakage because of the strong enough strength of the single line as well as the mesh panel and with the very smooth and reasonably strong lines of the panels, you never have a chance to get hurt your hog, cattle, sheep or goat, and horse. The fence panel can be easily installed with new posts or simply attached to your existing fence posts and rails.

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With HexFence, property owners can create a distinctive look of almost all of their own styles, apartment complex, garden, backyard, bungalow, cottage, terraced house, semi-detached house. From a basic enclosing or dividing purpose to a decorative function, HexFence in residential property not only meet basic protection needs, but they also increase curb appeal blend in naturally with the environment and add years of value to a home. With its strong strength, durability and weathering properties, this fence also holds up better against winds and other tough elements that can potentially damage it. 

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