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Security screen mesh turns your regular window into a security window

Security with good view

With so many break-ins happening everyday, we’d like to bring our family as much protection as we can.Besides a good quality security door,security windows are also necessary. ZHIBEI Security screen is an extra security layer on the regular glass panel and act as mosquito netting with ventilation and UV protection. Security mesh plays a key role in security screen and makes it different from the normal window screens. ZHIBEI security mesh is made from stainless steel woven wire mesh,normally using grade 304 or grade 316(commonly known as marine grade stainless steel).After special powder coated, it makes an excellent screening material, nearly indestructible and with outstanding anti-corrosion performance.It has been tested and proved to withstand a crash up to 2.148 tons.As a direct security mesh supplier,we provide some specifications for common use.

What our Security Screen can offer you?

Pretect from outside threats

Definitely can’t be cut with a knife or crowbar, it’s designed for security function. The security screen can provide a protection against forced entry,debris from explosion and hurricane.

Prevent children high-falling

Children high-falling often happens. With pattened lock system and sturdy screen mesh, children will never get through your window.                                                                            

Elegant Appearance

Security screen mesh is a hard panel which is flat and smooth. Ugly security bars may trap you inside in case of a emergency. Now, you have a beautiful and more safe substitute.

Super Durability

No need to fuss over the rat-biting hole on your screen. Made of stainless steel,ZHIBEI security screen is solid enough with good corrosion resistance.15-year warranty is provided.

Why Choose Us

  • good quality assurance

ZHIBEI security mesh is made from stainless steel wire and coated with AkzoNobel powder.Has passed salt spray test and knife shear test,It proved it’s good performance for 8 years’ use in Australia where we mainly export. Actually we provide a 15-year warranty and free sample.

  • more competitive price

As a direct supplier, we provides the security mesh at a price about 1/2 of the same product’s in USA.The reason for low price with good quality is our strict quality control and low cost for manufacturing, which is also the reason China is becoming the world factory. Repeating,free samples are available for test.

  • variaty of specifications

A variety specifications are provided for different use.Wire diameter is between 0.4~1.0mm. Along with the diameter,the firmness grows. check for all the specifications

  • Component also available

For clients’ convenience,we also provide quality aluminium  frame(6063-T5),hand and lock . With all these,you will assembly the security window or door at a much lower cost.


As security screen is special and different from regular window screen,we’d like to offer technical support for convenience .To make a security window(or door),the security mesh need to be fixed solidly.In the picture below,we provide our fixing system for reference.For customer who wants to use our fixing system, we provide our quality aluminium frame and related components.


To accompany the security mesh, we also supply related components and assistive tools required to complete final fabrication of finished screens, including aluminum frame, hardware, handles and locks.Our aluminium(Grade 6063-T5) frame is specially designed for security screen to make an effective resistance against mesh removal from intruders. Besides the aluminium frame, the components have been approved for years of trouble-free use in Australia. Only reliable products are selected to ensure the security and the super durability. As made in China,both the frame and the components have a much lower price,which can make a good cost-cutting for our customer. 

About us

Located in Anping,Hebei province,China. ZHIBEI is a direct supplier providing mesh products.Dedicated to high-end and new mesh products, We believe that quality is ZHIBEI’s life, and will never change.ZHIBEI will always provide  assured mesh products world wide.

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